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Soroti University to host Nuclear Research

Officials and the University leadership at the proposed site in the University.


Soroti University has been selected to be a Nuclear Reactors Research Centre. Out of the 9 Government of Uganda Public Universities visited, Soroti University emerged as the most suitable to host the training centre in the country.

This was revealed during a meeting between the University Management and the Team of joint experts from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.

During the dissemination of the survey report the Team of Experts from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, together with their partners of “INVAP” Company Soroti University was found to be the most suitable in terms of infrastructure, land, security, transport connectivity among others.

Prof. Ikoja, the Vice Chancellor at Soroti University welcomed the Team of Experts from the Ministry of Energy and their partners “INVAP” Company. He also congratulated the Technical Team for their good work done and being able to spot Soroti University to host the center of nuclear research

Inspection Report Being shared with the University leadership team.

According to Sabbiti Baluma, the team leader from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, “it has been a very competitive task to select a research center but Soroti University emerged the best out of our research and findings”.

He also added that this project comes with very many benefits like the development of Human Capital (nuclear Scientists), improving agriculture, and also saves costs of studying abroad.

Team from Ministry of Energy & Mineral Development inspecting the site where the Nuclear Energy training Centre will be situated

 Tulio Caweron, the Head of delegation from “INVAP” Company, highlighted that this nuclear project will help in the development of Nuclear Technologies.

And he also gave examples such as the manufacture of Radio isotopes and also helps in the treatment of cancer in Uganda weather radars air traffic control radars gyro-stabilized electro-optical sensors among others.

INVAP is The World most renowned Nuclear Technology Company based in Argentina. Argentina is a world-renowned provider of cutting edge nuclear technology with similar projects successfully undertaken in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Australia, Brazil and Egypt among others.

The University has already allocated land for the construction of the Nuclear Research Training Centre.


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