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98% of school girls aged between 10 to 12 years get vaccinated in Pallisa.

Girls recieving the jabs

By Lawrence Okwakol -Pallisa

98% of the school going girls aged from 10years to 12years have been vaccinated on cervical and uterus related infections that results into cancer and those above 14 years received tetanus toxoid vaccine.

Teddy Iyogil the Assistant District Health Officer officer in charge immunization on Thursday 20th, October 2022 said their target was to have all girls getting the jabs to prevent the future mothers from contracting cervical cancer that is claiming lives of our mothers and causing economic negative effect.

Iyogil said the 2% that have not benefited will be rounded during routine immunization program.

“We also give tetanus toxoid vaccine to girls from ages of 14 years to women of 49 years so that the risks of tetanus during delivery and menstrual periods are eliminated “, Iyogil said.

Patricia Acam an enrolled nursed attached to Akisim health centre said what made them achieve the target was the package of the importance of the exercise they give during sensitizing of the girls, school administrators , senior women teachers and other female teachers which was clear and beneficial.

 Head teacher Akode observing the vaccination activity

Acam said the girls picked courage when teachers spearheaded by getting the tetanus toxoid.

John Peter Akode the Opadoi primary school head teacher said the program was good but the immunisation cards to beneficiaries were not issued yet they were relevant.

He said the Ministry of Health should avail a health monitoring tool for every school.

“Some girls claimed to have been vaccinated but had no proof on record and am happy for vitamin A supplement plus deworming of lower primary pupils”, Akode said.

Esther Achom one of the pupils thanked the nurses for taking trouble to come and have them vaccinated at school.

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