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OPM Donates Food Relief to Households Affected by Elephant Invasion in Kitgum

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Komakech Ronald with the sub-county chief while receiving relief food

By Moses Otim-Kitgum  

Households affected by stray Elephant invasions in the greater Orom Sub-County of kiteny ,Orom ,Orom East are set to receive relief food from the Office of the Prime Minister-OPM in response to the continued alarm by the locals and area leaders over the human-wildlife conflict.

A total of 8100kg of posho and 4100kg of beans were delivered on Saturday to Orom Sub-County headquarters in Kitgum district waiting for the clear guideline and channel of distribution. Each Sub-County is to receive 2700kg of posho and 1350kg of beans as the guideline indicates.

Hon. Ronald Komakech, male Councilor five representing Kiteny Sub-County in Kitgum district says the relief food will be distributed according to the list of the affected households affected by elephant invasion and those affected by Karimojong raiders.

He also added that more than 3500 hector of land were destroyed by stray elephants in three villages of Paloba A, B and Bongo west and the most affected crops are maize and Groundnuts. Komakech called for transparency in the exercise and appealed to the affected households to be patient as the district scrutinizes the list to the office of the Chief Administrative Officer-CAO kitgum.

The LC5 chairperson Kitgum district Mr. Christopher Obol Arwayi says the relief could have been distributed as soon as on 19, sept 2022, but the guidelines are not clear on which household should receive or not the food from the OPM.

He revealed that, the relief food was brought for the families affected by nodding syndrome and the vulnerable families but woman Member of Parliament for Kitgum district clarified that it was meant for the families affected by the stray elephants and the Karimojong conflict.

The Chairperson called upon the community to be calm as they are seeking guidance from OPM before the food distribution can kick start.

Hon. Lillian Aber while at the hand over of relief to at Orom Sub-County

The kitgum woman Member of Parliament Hon. Dr. Lilian Aber, who lobbied for the relief food from the Office of the Prime Minister says she’s aware that the food might not be enough for all the households affected by the elephant invasion but the little she manage to bring should be distributed equally to the most needy.

She also added that she will continue lobbing for the other Sub-Counties that have not received the relief food so they can also benefit since many households are suffering from hunger due to the elephant destruction and armed Karamojong interferences.

The relief food is currently being kept in Orom sub-county store in Chua west constituency, Kitgum district waiting for the distribution to the respective beneficiaries.

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