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Why are you not Deployed, voters troll former MP Aspirant

Voters gathered at Taligola’s residence

By Lawrence Okwakol

The supporters of the NRM leaning independent candidate who pulled out of the race two days to August 11,2022 meant for the Gogonyo county bye elections Issa Bantalib Taligola alias Ocuuma on Friday (02/09/2022) stormed his home demanding for why he has never been called for deployment as president Museveni stated at Kaukura primary school when he pulled out of the race.

Taligola struggled to convince hundreds of his diehards why he stepped down.

Taligola’s supporters who went to his home in senior quarters Pallisa town demanded suitable explanations why he went to various courts from chief magistrate’s, high court then court of appeal and won a case only to put them on election mood after good canvassing of votes.

Paul Ochan of Obwanai village in Apopong sub county said Taligola let them down because it’s from parliament that he would have served them better than any appointment whatsoever.

“The presence of all RDCs, heavy deployments, the camping of both prime minister Robinah Nabanja and vice president Jessica Alupo Epel and the coming of the president would not change their decision. But I got surprised for a seasoned politician to give up with all the resources invested in campaign meant to benefit over 60,000 In Gogonyo,” Ochan said.

Joyce Imukeka a woman mobilizer for Kaukura sub country said it was better to complete the race than withdrawing and leave people with psychological torture for five years again.

Imukeka said they are going to be ignored in service delivery as Derrick Orone’s supporters are mocking them to wait for their turn.

Awazi Kalenzi from Obutet sub county said it was better for Taligola to win the elections and give them the required representation than step favour a party and leave them I the usual situation.

However, before Taligola gave any response , Shaban Nkutu the former LC5 Pallisa district pleaded with bitter and sobbing supporters to accept the decision.

Nkutu said Taligola was not given any money but had no option but to withdraw given the pressure and love for them.

In brief statement Taligola said he was sorry to let his people down but as the party they subscribe to is bigger than any human being and fostering unity he took it upon himself to follow the guidance president Museveni gave him in a number of times.

“You heard and watched the president saying it’s not only by going to parliament does a leader achieve what he wants for his people. He also highlighted the divisions in Pallisa and promised that he will make me his son and if it happens so it will for you,” Taligola said.

He said some people were not happy for his withdrawal but he did it wholeheartedly and was not given any coin,he added that he will move around the county to calm prior.

Tanga Odoi the NRM electoral commission chairperson while addressing the press said Taligola is a man of credible substance who was not given money to step down and is an NRM strong pillar who got nominated as a leaning NRM but as a good listener respected the call of the party chairman.

Tanga Odoi congratulating Mr. Taligola for stepping down give way for the NRM Candidate in Gogonyo by election

He said NRM leaders who claim Taligola was given a job must quote it as for him he doesn’t pedal rumours.

“In all the meetings Taligola held with president Museveni at no time was he given money or promised a job but I remember him being told that in NRM house there are many rooms for all,” Tanga said.

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