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Goods displayed at the Cultural event

By Kasline Gladys Lakareber

People of karamoja region are so impressive to express their happiness during the ground opening of Cultural event at Abim secondary school headed by the Governor of Turkana, Kenya on the 31th August 2022.

Visitors were from Ethiopia, Kenya, south Sudan and different parts in Uganda.

The Atekere group from Ethiopia, south Sudan and Kenya are said to have similar ways of Cultural norms, food, value, dressing with the karamoja people in Uganda.

According to Johnson Owana an elder in Abim district said their culture means a lot to him and as he participates in karamoja Cultural event it makes him value the culture more.

Owana said cultural norms and practices still exist and it’s through organizing Cultural event to make them recall and showcase hidden things which sometimes is not so expose to new generation.

He urged Government to continue supporting their culture for new generation to cope up and replace the elders.

Alfred Lokech a business man from karanga district who arrived on the 31st August 2022 and deals with shoes said he will not regret why he came from kotido to Abim to showcase his products because the turn up is so good and demand is so good.

Lokech revealed that he is expecting greater money out of his stock worthy 1.5 Millions Uganda shillings where each is sold at 20,000/= which was originally 15,000/=.

Mr.David Okuda a resident of kotido district who showcased locally made knife said he is so happy to display his products to awake people since most people have changed to use metal or plastic handle knife leaving the one made locally.

Knives and spears displayed as a Cultural item

Okuda displayed numbers of knifes and spears which he made right from Abim SS Cultural ground to prove people that local industry still exist in karamoja region.

Emmanuel Lochan from moroto municipality who deals with Sowka believe by the end of this event he would be having good sum of money that will make him smile while going to moroto.

Lochan also disclose that this kind of event can boost their business because they increased the price form it’s initial during this kind of event since visitors come from different places.

Over 15000 people are present for The 7 Edition of karamoja Cultural event 2022 at Abim secondary school Abim District.

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