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Reformed Warriors take Moroto Primary school music festival by storm



The crowd roared in ovation as reformed former Karamojong warriors from Lokeriaut primary school joined the school choir and made their way on to the podium.

It was a rare occasion at Kasimeri Primary school in Moroto district where a music dance and drama competition for primary school children is underway.

Among the former warriors were Raphael Lomuria, 28, Moses Logiel and Michael Loput and John Abel, now a P.5 pupil.

And on the stage they did not disappoint as the crowd continued to clap and applaud the former warriors for their shinny performance.

The spectator too did not want to miss this chance to congratulate the young men for switching to a new way of life.

A mesmerized Lokeriaut primary school headmaster, Dominic Lokut, continued to pour more commendation on the former warriors, especially Lomuria, who he said is not only very good on the stage but also an outstanding and disciplined character back at school.

Robin Oyugi Oboke, the choir trainer at Lokeriaut primary school said the former warriors were chosen to perform because of how impressive they performed during the zonal competition and overwhelming public demand to see them on the performance stage.

Participants at the ongoing music festival in Moroto

“I am happy to be part of the team and I expect to represent my district at the regional competitions,” Abel said.

On his part Lomuria said participating in the festival is very important for him to prove his talent to the world.

Lokeriaut primary school has over eight reformed former warriors many of whom are prefects at the school.

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